"It is an incredible feeling when people love and are moved by your work."  Brenda 

Heather & Michael  -  Venue: The Bleckley Inn Anderson, SC

"Everyone says that their wedding ceremony is perfect but ours truly was! Not only did Brenda make our ceremony perfect for us, she made it special for our guests.  We both really appreciate how relaxed the ceremony was and also her enthusiasm, professionalism with some humor, but mostly the kindness & sincerity in her voice when she spoke the words of our ceremony. The most important memory that we will ever have is that Brenda was the person who made us ‘one’ forever and it was truly perfect! Once again, we would like to thank her for making our wedding ceremony wonderful and unforgettable. We are still receiving compliments on how beautiful it was. We truly thank her from the bottom of our hearts!  Thank you SO much!!!"

Michelle McMurray, founder of Wedding Story Writer - Venue: The Old Scottish Rite Hospital Atlanta, GA

"I had the pleasure to work with Brenda Owen (aka: WeddingWoman) at Emily & John's wedding from this story.  She was delightful, and had I not known any different, I would have thought the three of them had known one another for years. Brenda is a true wedding professional and has it all under control, like clockwork.

She organized the groomsmen & bridesmaids, giving them a heads-up on what to expect from her ceremony. She gathered the photographers and gave them instruction on when to and when NOT to take photos (during the opening prayer). She married Emily and John with great love and respect, not making a single mistake during the process. She was so much at ease that it appeared it helped the couple while they stood at the altar in front of their loved ones.  The Wedding Woman has my full recommendation!"

Jackie & Patrick - Venue: Marshall Orr House - Anderson, SC

"Brenda it was a pleasure to meet and work with you. You did an excellent job on our ceremony and we really appreciate it.  We are truly glad that we allowed you to handle our wedding, you are such a professional and a blessing to us and others.  You have a wonderful sense of humor and you are such a 'people person'.  You are perfect for this line of work.  We appreciate all you did for us and will gladly recommend you to others!"

Betsy & Steven - Venue: Mary's Cottage Falls Park Greenville, SC

"Thank you SO much for writing, producing and performing such an eloquent, meaningful and most of all PERSONAL ceremony for us!  You truly expressed our love for one another to our friends and families and for that we are very grateful.  Your passion for what you do is extremely genuine and refreshing!   Thank you again for everything you did for us before, during & afterward."

Mandy & Shane - Venue: The Davenport Greer, SC 

"Absolutely Amazing...that's one of many statements I could use to describe our experience with Brenda. When we first met her she was so kind and down-to-earth that we just knew we had to hire her.  From day one she was quick to respond to any questions and offered to help in any way that she could.  Our wedding was unlike any we had ever seen.  Brenda took the time to get to know us and asked about our love story.  She used that information to create a warm, personal. loving, funny, thoughtful wedding ceremony.  We and our guests laughed and we cried.  It was perfect!  She also has many options to choose from to make your ceremony special. We chose the Blended Family because my fiance has a 10 year old daughter and we wanted to be sure that she felt included and this was exactly what we needed to accomplish that.  Brenda also suggested things I could do to 'surprise' my fiance during the ceremony such as reading a special letter to  his daughter.  She helped me come up with the perfect things to say.  So many couples seem to rush through the ceremony and get to the 'party' afterward - NOT us...the ceremony was so incredibly important to us and Brenda was just the person to make it even more than we ever could have imagined. We agree, and it is something that we will never forget.  Thank you, Brenda we will recommend you to every one! "

Dori & Chris - Venue: The Children's Museum Greenville, SC

"Rev. Brenda Owen was AMAZING as our Officiant!  Not only did she dig deep to get to know our two children and us, she recommended fine details for the ceremony to personalize it.  She recommended a sand ceremony for the 'blending of our family'.  Not only did the kids love it, her beautiful words left no dry eyes among our guests.   Brenda directed our rehearsal. She kept us all on track as her experience, confidence and guidance made the ceremony flow with warmth, beauty and deep meaning.  She make the kids feel comfortable yet motivated through direct instructions infused with humor.  Our guests thoroughly enjoyed her delivery (as did we, of course) and Brenda kept me focused to avoid the dreaded 'mascara run' at the alter :)  You cannot go wrong with this Wedding Woman!  Brenda,  thank you for the most beautiful, touching wedding ceremony we have ever seen or heard!"

Woody & Michelle - Venue: Clemson Memorial Stadium Clemson, SC

"Brenda we can't thank you enough for taking the whole day for our wedding (and being on standby for our unusual circumstances).  Words cannot express how special you made our wedding ceremony.  I'm so glad you were able to be a part of our special day.  Again, thank you very much for everything you did."

Sara & Nathaniel - Venue: Augusta Manor Greenville, SC

"Brenda, was SUCH a joy to work with and made our quickly planned wedding the most special day of our lives!  During our consultation, she really got to the heart of our relationship (she even made us tear up a bit) and as a result, created a beautiful, personal ceremony for us that included all of the special elements we requested.  On the day of the wedding, she was instrumental in helping us direct the flow of the event, which was invaluable, and all of our guests thoroughly enjoyed the unique, intimate ceremony that she wrote and performed.  Many commented that it was the most special, romantic ceremony that they had ever attended, which made us SO happy!    Thank you Brenda for everything you did before, during and after our wedding to make our day so special."

Diane & Xavier -  Venue: Twigs Tempietto Greenville, SC 

"Brenda was our Officiant for our April wedding at Twigs in Greenville.  She was absolutely perfect from beginning to end!   She took the time to get to know us, and personalized our ceremony to fit our family.   She is very friendly, efficient and a very good hearted person who is pleasant to work with.  We would recommend her to anyone looking for a wedding officiant or minister.   I'm sure that she give the same personal attention and overall experienct to all of her couples :)  We think she's great! Thank you for making our wedding so memorable, for working with us and being part of our day!  Thank you!"

Gene & Jayne - Anderson Pentecostal Holiness Church Anderson, SC

"Brenda, thank you so much for the time you have spent getting to know is and for writing the beautiful ceremony for our wedding.  We got lots of complements.  We love everything that you did for us. Thanks for everything!"

Kana & Christopher - Venue: Hammond Center Anderson, SC

"We had some very unique circumstances surrounding our wedding day and Brenda was quick to work around them and help us in any way that she could.  During our initial meeting, she was very polite and easy to work with, more like a close friend than a random professional.  She offered many ideas to various aspects of both the ceremony and reception.  One concerning alterations to my wedding dress that ended up being the best 'wedding planning advice' I received!   The photographs she took made a wonderful contribution to our albums and also allowed us to share 'sneak peaks' with family and friends that were unable to attend but wanted to see photos before our photographers proofs were ready.  Brenda, Chris and I thoroughly enjoyed working with you and having you be such an integral part of the biggest day in our lives, and while we won't ever be able to work with you in this capacity again (THIS IS OUR ONLY MARRIAGE!)  we do look forward to staying in touch and including you in our list of friends from this point forward and we'll gladly 'sing your praises' to anyone in need of the BEST wedding minister in the area.  Thank you and God bless. "

Drew & Mistie - Venue: Marshall-Orr House (Historic Home) - Anderson, SC

"#1 Brenda,  thank you for taking the time to meet with me and my mom.  I feel a lot more comfortable about the ceremony now, not so nervous". #2: "I am so thankful that you shared our wedding day with us.  I love how you wrote the ceremony it was just perfect and made it me cry.  Thank you so much for everything.  You did an amazing job!"

Mallory & Wade - Venue: Mary's Cottage at Falls Park Greenville, SC

"Brenda was a pleasure to work with and very accommodating.  She gave us a beautiful, memorable and very personal ceremony.  My now husband and I had tears in our eyes the whole time.  She gave us something that we will never forget and we highly recommend her.  You won't be able to find someone to give you a better ceremony.  She knows what she is doing and her help is tremendous.  She is a true professional that will give you the wedding you want. Thanks Brenda for being a part of this special day with us, it meant the world."

B.J. & Kayla - Paris Mountain State Park Greenville, SC

"Brenda thank you so much for doing this for us.  We really loved the ceremony and enjoyed having you join us in marriage.  Thank you for being so patient with us while waiting on our mess up, lol!"

Ron & Catherine Venue: Lake Jocassee Salem, SC

"Brenda the ceremony is perfect.  I've teared up big time....I better get some water-proof mascara before June 6th!   Thank you so much for all you have done for us we are so glad we found you!"

Aaron & Teresa - Rock Quarry Gardens -Greenville, SC

"We were fortunate to find and meet you.  You did a wonderful job. Thank you for everything - no one could have done a better job, it was perfect."

Linda & Debbie - Broyles Landing - Lake Hartwell- Anderson, SC

"Wedding Woman, your ceremony made us cry.  We are out of our minds with excitement because our dreams have finally come true!  We LOVE the rainbow inclusion at the end, thank you!  It is all so wonderful...you ROCK at this, Ma'am!'

Aaron & Katy - Cannon Chapel - Clemson, SC

"#1 Brenda, it was so good to meet you, thank you for taking the time to do so.  Both Aaron and I felt at very at ease talking with you.  We were impressed with your knowledge and professionalism."  "#2. Thank you for all of your help and ideas...we really appreciate your guidance.  We loved the vows and the Rose ceremony for our mom's and got so many compliments on our wedding ceremony.  We are SO glad that we found you.  You did a perfect job thank you!"  

Randy & Jennifer - Anderson, SC

"WOW!  You are truly gifted.  We love the way you worded our ceremony. It truly reflects the way that Randy and I feel about eachother and it made me cry when I read it.  Words can not express how much it meant to us. Thank you for the effort , heart and soul you put into our ceremony."

Dan & Catt - Belton, SC

"Dan & I would like to thank you for  the beautiful wedding ceremony that you performed for us.  My family and friends all commented on how beautifully worded it was.  We are grateful that you were the one we chose to represent the 'legal aspect' of our love  Thanks so much again. "

DeeDee & Anthony - Belton, SC

"You wrote a beautiful ceremony for our wedding and we are thankful to have found you to do the ceremony for us.  We feel you performed a better ceremony than anyone else we could have gotten and we appreciate the thought you put into it.  It was perfect. Thank you so much."

TK & Renee - Anderson, SC

"Thank you for all you did for our special day.  We can't stop saying how perfect it turned out.  It was really special to do it in the comfort of our back yard by the lake.  We really appreciate your hospitality as well.  All in all it was a great day and we wouldn't of had it any other way."

Mark & Michelle - Elopement at Hart State Park - Hartwell Lake - Hartwell, GA

"Thank you so much for everything you have done for us to make our elopement wedding on such short notice a reality.  We are so lucky to of found you while searching for a minister last Saturday night!   Once again, thanks for everything!"   

David & Meredith - Occasions at Wadgefield - Central, SC

"The ceremony you wrote for us was perfect.  Everyone commented so much about the family vows , sand ceremony and especially the reading part.  That was the part that got me crying but at least I didn't bawl!  The prayer was very meaningful to us. Thank you for being flexable with our last minute changes.  We so truly  appreciate everything that you did for us!"

Tim & April - Elopement - Anderson, SC

"Thank you for the hospitality you and your husband showed us on our wedding day. It really makes a difference when trying to plan a wedding on such short notice.  The ceremony that you wrote for us was beautiful.  We loved everything about our special day.   Thank you so much!"

Bill & Jerri - Venue: Woodburn Historic Home Pendleton, SC

"Rev. Brenda, Thank you for all you did.  You made our wedding day very special.  Thank you for the photos that you took and for the beautiful way our wedding was presented; you did a great job.  Thank you again."  

Tania & Rob - Mountain Rest - Hand Carved Gazebo

"Brenda, Thank you again for such a spectacular, meaningful & moving wedding ceremony.  We got so many complements on our wedding day and are still receiving compliments on how perfect it was!  I am so very happy (I mean, we) that it was everything that we hoped it would be and much more.  Thank you for everything!"  

Josh, TJ, Tanner & Tucker - Venue: SC Botanical Gardens Clemson, SC

"Brenda, Thank you so much for all of your patience and concern for our family on such a special day.  The ceremony was precious and it meant soooo much to us for the kids to be included.  It was wonderful and everything was perfect! You are such a nice woman and I know with all my heart that we made the right decision choosing you.  We will definately recommend your services to everyone!  Special thanks for making it all possible." 

Timothy & Holly - Elopement on Lake Hartwell Anderson, SC

"We loved the ceremony you wrote for us and it was WAY better to elope at the lake than an impersonal court house ceremony (which we thought about doing)!  We now have a memory of our wedding that we will always treasure.  It was perfect.   Thank you!"

Brad & Heather - Venue: The Lodge at Table Rock Mountain Pickens, SC

"The ceremony you wrote for us was great, everything was perfect..it's like you had known us for years!  I was a little nervous at the beginning but  everything fell into place. Thank you for your help, suggestions, guidance & patience.  I am going to keep your contact information for anyone else who would need your service."

Paul & Dana - Venue: Rock Quarry Garden Greenville, SC 

"Brenda was fantastic!  She is an absolute pro!  She made everybody feel very comfortable and provided us with helpful hints and tips during the entire process.   She also provided us with a great list of her preferred vendors that were were able to use as well. We truly enjoyed our wedding and keep talking about how we wouldn't change anything for the world.  Thank you again for all you did, your help, and the wonderful ceremony!!" 

Jason & Courtney - Venue: Mineral Spring Park Williamston, SC

"We love the ceremony you wrote for us!  We did not want the usual, same old canned wedding ceremony and the one you wrote for us was different, fresh, romantic & personal.  Thank you!"

Carmen and Duncan - Venue: The Pond House Starr, SC

"Everything was perfect; just the way we wanted it!  What a beautiful ceremony; I can tell you really care about your couples.  The ceremony was beautiful, meaningful and heartfelt. We received so many complements from our friends and family.  Thank you!"

Xavier & Diane - Venue: Twigs Tempietto Greenville, SC

"Brenda was our officiant and she was absolutely perfect from beginning to end!  She took the time to get to know us and personalized our ceremony to fit our family.  She is very friendly, efficient and a good-hearted person who is pleasant to work with.  We would recommend her to anyone looking for an officiant or minister. I'm sure she gives the  same personal attention and overall experience to all of her clients - she's great!" 

Yong & Bethany - Venue: SC Botanical Gardens Clemson, SC

"Brenda, Thank you so much for officiating our wedding.  We loved the ceremony you wrote for us. You were a true professional and you were a tremendous help during the planning and the unexpected moments (crazy rain, missing parents!) that seemed 'so big' but ended  so perfectly.  Our wedding was a dream come true and we're so glad you helped us bring it all to life."

Kade and Travis - Elopement Lake Hartwell Anderson, SC

"Thank you so much for your help and services.   You  helped make this moment a special and unforgettable experience for us all.  I am sure you have been told this before but you have a calming and comforting spirit that we are so blessed to have encountered.  We will be sure to recommend you to all our friends with upcoming nuptials!  Again, thank you so much for all you did and we are very happy that God pointed us in your direction."


Elana & Bill - Venue: The Red Horse Inn

"'Brenda Owen is a classy, professional and very caring wedding officiant. If you are scanning the internet, relying on reviews (as I did), please take mine to heart and truly... look no further. Brenda cares deeply about tailoring your service so that it is exactly what you want. She'll communicate often and as needed, to ensure it is perfect for you. But not only were the words she wrote, very beautiful... but in person, at the service, her delivery of those words was beautiful too. During our ceremony, as soon as she started speaking, the atmosphere became transformed. Her sincerity, her tone....her timing and pace... all so lovely. There was an instant sense of reverence and tranquility and joy in the room. She brought tears to the corners of my groom's eyes simultaneous with his happy smile, at the time our vows were being spoken. Being a man who is not often moved to that level of emotion, it spoke volumes for Brenda's wedding script and the way she spoke the words. She made our day incredibly special and will live forever in our memories for her part in it. Thank you Brenda!"

Joe & Summer - Venue: ZEN Greenville,SC

"Brenda you did such an amazing job! I can't tell you how many of Joe and my family members commented on the excellent and heart-felt ceremony you did for us!! Not only did our family love it, but Joe and I would high recommend you to anyone who is getting married!! On top of delivering a beautiful ceremony, you came early to walk us through what to do, you even knew all the tricks to get amazing photos; then took beautiful pictures yourself & helped us with everything we needed when the reception started!! If that wasn't enough, we could tell you had an amazing working relationship with our DJ and Photographer and it showed!! - You helped them with what they needed as much as you helped us!! We didn't know what we where doing and you did an amazing job thinking of everything we didn't think of! Our wedding went as smoothly as it did, because of you!We can't thank you enough!! You are way more then a great wedding officiant, you are truly are the WEDDING WOMAN!!!"

Robert & Lisa Venue: Lake Hartwell - Anderson, SC

"Kudos! What a wonderful ceremony for our re-marraige of our previous union of 30 years! Brenda, thank you for doing such a special service and helping us retie the knot to get back to where we started in 1971 - a man and woman always very much in love. You made this union very special for us and our children & grandchildren."

Christopher & Jennifer - Venue: The Davenport Greer, SC

"You did an absolutely wonderful job officiating our wedding ceremony.  You are so intuitive and insightful!  We were very pleased.  We would definitely recommend your services to anyone!  Thanks for all of your help."

Modi and Julia - Venue: The Wilhite House Anderson, SC

"Thank you very much for the time you spent to create a beautiful ceremony for our wedding. Both Modi and I received many compliments on it and several people who said they had never before cried at a wedding had tears in their eyes for this one.  Not only was it a beautiful ceremony, but you took much of the stress out of planning this aspect of our wedding day. We appreciate your effort on our behalf."

Kris & Breanne - Elopement Lake Hartwell Anderson, SC

"Brenda, Thank you so much for making our day so special!  It was more perfect than I could have ever imagined.  You and your husband (the photographer) were great.  We feel so lucky to have found you!"

Len & Cindy (parents of the groom) Venue: Cateechee Club Hartwell, GA

"Brenda, I want to sincerely thank you for all of your help in planning the short notice "Valentine's Day Wedding".  From the first time we talked, I felt like I had known you forever.  Everyone was in awe of the beauty of the ceremony.  All of our expectations were exceeded from the venue you recommended to the photographer...everything! We would not change a thing.  Even the weather cooperated, every detail was perfect and is etched in our memory.  It truly was perfect in every way.  Thank you so very much."

John and Andrea - Venue: Cateechee Club Hartwell, GA

"Brenda, Thank you so much for helping us plan our (out of town) wedding; it was absolutely perfect.  I could  not have asked for more.  The venue you helped us choose was the perfect setting for our special day.   The ceremony was beautiful and the words you chose captured what was in our hearts and what that day really meant to us.  I can't imagine anyone doing it better"!   Thank you so much."

Shawn & Kim - Venue:  Glassy Chapel Landrum, SC

Q- "Why did you choose me to Officiate your Ceremony?"   A - "It was about getting a ceremony that we would like and enjoy the person doing it.  After reading your web page and looking at your photos, I just felt comfortable having you perform it.   We were very happy with the ceremony that you wrote and performed for us.  Thank you for doing a great job!"    

Tom & Jean (Parents of the Bride) - Venue: Cannon Chapel & Kresge Center Clemson, SC

"Brenda so many people at the reception told me what a fabulous ceremony you wrote and performed!  I thought the entire ceremony was beautiful, even my daughter and the bumble bee trying to get to her bouquet!  Katy (bride) said that after all the planning and coordination with you, she felt you were more of a friend than just the officiant so she was pleased that you were part of the entire thing.  Take care and keep in touch."

Laura and Scott - Venue: Larkin's on the River Greenville, SC

"Thank you so much for our beautiful wedding ceremony; everything was wonderful.  Everyone loved it, especially us!  We loved the Handfasting Ceremony that you wrote for us.  You were a pleasure to work with and we really loved your experience, creativity and enthusiasm.  You did a great job, thank you!"

Katy & Aaron - Venue: Cannon Chapel & Kresge Center Clemson, SC

"Brenda thank you again for such a beautiful ceremony.  Everyone that we have talked to said how beautiful it was and what wonderful words you spoke.  It was a perfect day for me as I had only hoped it would be and much of that is because due to you.   If anyone inquires about your service and wants to speak to someone that has been thru it with you, I'll be happy to sing your praises!"

Sara & Dale - Venue: Twigs Tempietto Greenville, SC

"Brenda we thought that you wrote and performed a wonderful ceremony.  Everything was "perfectly us" ! Thank you again for everything."

Dale & David - Venue: Elope on a Boat Lake Hartwell Anderson,SC

"Brenda, Ray & Sarah, We REALLY enjoyed being married on the boat and cruising around the lake afterward.  The wedding and all the preparing (you all did) was just fantastic!  We had a great time & it meant more to us than you can imagine.  We can't wait to get the photos from Sarah!  Thank you for making our wedding day so very special."

Crystal & Brandon -  Venue: Hilton Garden Inn - Anderson, SC

"Thank you for all of your help in planning such a beautiful wedding.  If you didn't help us plan everything, our wedding day would not have turned out so perfect, so thank you again for everything  from helping us find a venue, a photographer, select the menu, music...everything!  You truly are the Wedding Woman!"

Dr. Bill & Teresa Venue: Their Mountain Cabin Rosman, NC

"Thank you for everything you did to make our day Special for us.  You exceeded our expectations and you will be thought of highly for such follow-through before, during and after the service you provided.  We appreciate everything."

Nick & Alana - Venue:  Cateechee Club Hartwell, GA

"Nick and I both want to thank you for everything that you did for us.  He left on Monday and is already back in Iraq.   We are so happy that you were the one that joined us in marriage.   Thanks to you we had a very nice day and we sincerely appreciate it.  Thank you for recommending the photographer, the pictures turned out great and I can't wait to get the CD so I can start putting photos in frames.  Thanks again so much!"  

Angela - Mother of the Bride -  Venue: The Dutch Barn Greer, SC

"Thank you for the wonderful wedding ceremony you performed for my daughter and her fiance'. I am glad that I found you on the internet as, you can understand, it was difficult to organize a wedding from the other side of the pond (England)!  You exactly interpreted the kind of ceremony that they wanted and administered it to perfection and I thank you from the bottom of my heart."

Kelly & Lisa - Venue: At their Home Greenville, SC

"The wedding was even more fullfilling than we had hoped.  You had written a  wonderful ceremony and we loved it...The Blended Family Sand Ceremony was such a huge part of the wedding when the children are participating as I am sure is the case for many couples getting married nowadays.  The children REALLY enjoyed doing that, and it helped them to understand why we were getting married, not just leaving things the way they were, because they had always seen us as a family unit...this just made it stronger and easier for them to understand.  Thank you for your suggestions!"

Pedro & Ashley - Venue: Poinsett Hotel Greenville, SC

"Thank you so much for a beautiful wedding ceremony.  All of our family and guests were talking about how special the wording was.  We are so happy that we had you!  Thank you for all of your help and for recommending & including "El Lazo" (Lasso). It really meant a lot to Pedro and his family & friends." 

Anthony & Jennifer - Elopement Lake Hartwell Anderson, SC

"Thank-you so much for our ceremony.  You have surely changed our lives in the most beautiful way.  You performed a perfect ceremony and touched my heart in ways it has never been touched.  I thank God for you and the blessing you gave us.  You have definitely started our married life off in the best way possible.  We hope the very best for you and will never forget you and what you have done for us.   Our sincerest thank you!"

Bill & Lesli - Venue: Their home Salem, SC

"Rev.  Brenda, God has blessed you with a talent for caring about people and spreading happiness.  Thank you for sharing this wonderful gift with us."   

Tammy & Scott - Venue: Old Mill Garden Falls Park Greenville, SC

"Brenda we LOVE the ceremony you wrote and performed!  You have a real gift.  Of all the weddings I have been to, yours is the sweetest ceremony I have ever heard.  Thank you for everything you did for us!"  

Nathaniel & Sara - Venue: Augusta Manor Greenville, SC

"Brenda is a wonderful Officiant.  She really creates a beautiful ceremony that makes for a very moving experience for all guests at a wedding.   During our wedding everyone had such a great experience that they told me and my new wife that the ceremony was the best they had ever been to.  I seriously doubt that you could find a  better Officiant or Minister to perform your ceremony than Brenda.  She is an amazing person that really cares about her couples and making a ceremony that a bride and groom will cherish for the rest of their lives. We just want to thank her for the best wedding ceremony EVER!  Wow - What a journey life is and we are glad to have met you.  Thank you for everything." 

Jennifer & Rob - Venue: Upcountry History Museum Greenville, SC

"Brenda is Amazing!  She worked closely with us to personalize our ceremony and make it one of a kind.  We chose to do a handfasting ceremony because we absolutely loved the words that she used and the promises that we made to each other during this part of the ceremony.  All of our guests commented about how beautiful our ceremony was and everyone loved the handfasting portion of it.  Brenda was extremely  helpful every step of the way.  After our first conversation she emailed me many lists of her recommended vendors and that helped point us in the right direction.  She was always very quick to respond to emails or calls, even responded to one on Easter Sunday!  We are very happy that Brenda officiated our wedding ceremony and we HIGHLY recommend her.  Thank you so very much!"

Kara & Rob - Venue: Symmes Chapel Pretty Place Cleveland, SC

"Thank you for making our Special Day better than either of us ever imagined.  Thank you for all of your hard work and more importantly, your patience.  We will certainly pass your name on to anyone in need of your services!" 

Marie & David - Venue: Table Rock Mountain Lodge Pickens, SC

"Our Wedding was truly perfect I wish we could do it all over again.  Thank you for making our ceremony so special, we loved every minute of it!   If you have any potential couples getting married in the future, feel free to give them my contact information for a referral.  Thank you for everything!" 

Scott & Tammy - Elopement Lake Hartwell Anderson, SC

'Brenda thank you so much for everything!  You truly have a divine gift!  You were helpful and supremely informative.  The Nuptials you wrote were beautiful.  Our experience was small and intimate, but you helped make it so very special.  Thank you very, very much!"

Ashley & Brendan - Venue: Cliffs of Glassy Chapel Landrum, SC

"Everyone is raving about the ceremony you performed.  You were terrific.  It really was everything we had hoped for and more.   Thank you for everything." 

Kirstin & Robert - Venue: Larkin's on the River Greenville, SC

"Brenda is really great to work with. She made our day so special with the personalization of our ceremony.  Anything we wanted, she did it and made it work.  The communication was great, always returned emails within a few hours of sending them.  She helped us in writing our own vows and she even gave us great tips and pointers for other things including other vendors.  Brenda is truly a professional and great person to have preside over your ceremony."

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